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Click Dim new Customer Row As Data Row = Sample Database Data Set. New Row() new Customer Row("Customer ID") = 20 new Customer Row("Company Name") = "Microsoft" new Customer Row("Contact Name") = "Bhutta College" Sample Database Data Set. If you run the project again, do you see changes in regards to inserts?

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A typical line in a list has an image on the left side and two text lines in the middle as depicted in the following graphic. In case you do not find any icons just copy "icon.png" and use a drawing program to change it a little bit and create a second one.

The following uses two images "no.png" and "ok.png". typically contains more data than the number of displayed rows.

If the user scrolls the list, then the rows and their associated views will be scrolled out of the visible area.

In a pessimistic model, when a user performs an action that causes a lock to be applied, other users cannot perform actions that would conflict with the lock until the lock owner releases it.

This model is primarily used in environments where there is heavy contention for data, so that the cost of protecting data with locks is less than the cost of rolling back transactions if concurrency conflicts occur.


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