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The approximate assessment dates the find to the first half of the 5th century B. The text contains a word unregistered before and roughly interpreted as the place named Miletus, one of the biggest cities in Ionia, a region known as Asia Minor now. Archaeologists believe the king put up a marble stele in the city after his victory over the Greeks.Miletus stood at the head of the so-called Ionian uprising of Greek city states against Darius I. The monument had a text on it, reporting on the king’s triumph.

At present, the stele is undergoing scrutiny at the restoration laboratory of the Phanagoria Research and Cultural Center.Natasha is ashamed to return home penniless and without a fiancée, so she gets a job as a waitress in a pizzeria where she meets Alex, a fellow waiter.Alex tracks down Madlen and retrieves Natasha’s money and possessions enabling her to return home.The stele with a signature in the name of Persian King Darius I was unearthed in the center of Phanagoria, the remains of an ancient Greek city near Crimea and the Black Sea during an archeological expedition that has been supported by Volnoe Delo Foundation since 2004.The decoded inscriptions on the stele state someone made them in the name of the Persian King Darius I who lived from 550-486 B. The stele has an inscription in the ancient Persian language.Our goal is to help relieve any doubt concerning a potential spouse.


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