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About Panera Bread30 years ago, at a time when quick service meant low quality, Panera set out to challenge this expectation.We believed that food that was good and that you could feel good about, served in a warm and welcoming environment by people who cared, could bring out the best in all of us.These traditions carry on today, as we have continued to find ways to be an ally to our guests.

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In more than 25 years as a publicly traded company, Panera has created significant shareholder value.When in the noon shift have someone doing bakery so the cashers can help the next costumer and so they don't crash into one another because I don't want to trip over my co-workers when we are all over there to make the costumer that we are currently helping to make happy and the other costumers to become angry.Goldmine Referral Groups are currently offered within the Chamber.The themes we have bet on - digital, wellness, loyalty, omni-channel, new formats for growth - are shaping the restaurant industry today.Indeed, the power of the plan is evident in our business results.Today, we are pre-releasing Q1 2017 Company-owned bakery-cafe comps of 5.3%, which is 690 bps better than the Black Box all-industry composite." Shaich concluded, "Our success for shareholders is the byproduct of our commitment to long-term decision making and operating in the interest of all stakeholders, including guests, associates, and franchisees.


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