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But insiders say Vernon, who currently plays for in the Turkish Basketball League has a little bambino on the way with a well known Miami working girl.

Sources tells Baller Alert, What does it matter who Vernon is dating or f****g .

She hasn't even made her first appearance on the show and already Brooke Bailey is caught up in some drama...

In the previews for the next season of Basketball Wives LA video model Brooke Bailey claims former Detroit Piston Vernon Macklin is her man.

I stand by that and it’s not to say that I neglect my son,” Brandi says.

“But you got to understand, in order for a unit to be good, the household has to be right–the husband and the wife.

Lets pray the baby is his and he didnt catch anything from that dirty girl. Then you have Brooke that Vernon probably has been sleeping with everytime he goes to LA.He is going to do what he wants date who wants anyways.Maria is a known to be a groupie who has slept alot of athletes and celebs. she hasnt even been dating him for a year and if she has she has been sleeping around with many other guys for a FACT! You can ask any guy who is from Miami who plays ball or ever been there they will tell you she's a prostitute.Do y'all miss Brooke Bailey on this season of Basketball Wives: LA? While Brooke was likeable on the show, I didn't feel like she had much of a story line unless she was fighting with Jackie Christie or feuding with former friend Draya Michele. Of course, don't feel bad for Brooke no longer being featured on everyone's guilty pleasure of a train wreck. I know it is entertainment and I know you have to have some drama for people to tune in and watch, but that is not what I want to do. I try not to fight regularly, especially because I get paid to do it. She certainly seems to have a good head on her shoulders when it comes to business and bettering herself.Wanting to set an example for her two children, Brooke has gone back to school and is focused on her new cleanse and lingerie line. shes is like any other groupie unlike Maria shes smart not to get pregnant by a guy she is just sleeping with.


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