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In 2013, politician, artist, and composer Vladimír Franz made headlines when he decided to run for president of the Czech Republic.Franz, 56, is a very accomplished and fascinating man.It's really wonderful to work together and it's great to spend time on something we both care about," the aspiring designer said. She's amping up experience with Gaga's go-to stylist and keeping up a partnership with Mattel, "I'm currently working in design at Brandon Maxwell, it's very, very exciting!And in our partnership with Mattel, we're looking to continue to work together in this collaboration for the next few years."Mattel's Monster High Zomby Gaga doll is available now for pre-order for .99 at select retailers including and He said of his look, “My tattoos are my private little garden. Jason Barnum, 39, who is nicknamed "Eyeball," went on a crime spree that involved stealing cars and burglarizing homes to feed his heroin addiction, before driving to Merrill Field Inn in Anchorage.While at the motel, officers noticed a vehicle linked to the burglaries in the parking lot and went to Barnum's room to investigate, at which point the criminal opened fire from the bathroom.

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The music video for "Bad Romance" is among the most viewed videos on You Tube.It has surpassed 500 million views, with a huge chunk coming from fans embedding the video everywhere they can and refreshing the page often.If your computer (or proxy) is within one of the allowed regions, you can watch it here.She also took part in her university talent contest, attracting rave reviews from the judges, and released a little-known album with a band she was singing with (as Stefani Germanotta). Lady Gaga is, quite simply, the poster girl for over-the-top eccentricity.Between her outrageous outfits, her role-play crossdressing, her incredibly trippy music videos and performances, and her camp sensibilities, Lady Gaga is easily one of the most..."When I look back on my life, its not that I dont want to see things exactly as they happened; its just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way.


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