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For those interested in Spanish, we are looking into salsa nights and Spanish meals. Check out our recommended holidays and modern novels.I'm exactly five weeks into my mission to speak Dutch.

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French people flirt When French guys appreciate pretty women, they’re not embarrassed to say so or make some moves.

“It just kind of happens”In the words of 36-year-old Laurence Bagot, a French journalist who spent a year at Harvard and admits she is as mystified by American dating habits as the Americans are by the French ones: “In France, getting together just kind of happens.” In a nutshell, everyone kind of seems to think that getting together in France just kind of happens! And the funny thing is that even when people are together, you rarely know what their relationship is.

France is known as one of the most romantic places in the world where true love blossoms.

Lively Languages is an innovative French and Spanish language school in Surrey, Sussex and Madrid with a unique speed-dating technique resulting in a surprising level of confidence and fluency of language – perfect if you want to learn or practise another language.

In fact, our classes are such fun that we refuse to call them classes - they're sessions, and we've taken learning out of school and into the pub! To those who attend our French conversation groups, we offer day trips to France, outings to French cinema evenings, and talks.


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